Hilarious Crazy Stunts

Posted by admin on March 31st, 2010

Who does not love crazy stunts? If you go to YouTube and type in the keywords “crazy stunts”, you will be bombarded with hilarious images of people trying the most insane tricks and stunts. It is all in the name of fame though, since we are living in the age of “reality TV.” Although it may be hard to peel your eyes from the monitor; at the time this article was written, Read the rest of this entry »

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Fun Stuff To Do in the Summer

Posted by admin on March 9th, 2010

The summer is the best time of year as far as things to do. You do not need to bundle up and dress warm as you do if it is cold outside. You can also go more places and do more things. What do you like to do in the summer? Going to the old swimming hole used to be the fun thing to do. That has pretty much gone away now.

To do fun stuff you should be spontaneous. Do not try and make the activity the best ever and all planned out. Many times the best things are the least planned things. I heard of one family who went out and flew kites one afternoon. The kids loved it and it was a highlight of their memories. You never know what stupid fun thing you decide to do will be the biggest hit.

One year we had Christmas in July. We got out our Christmas tree and the decorations. We wrapped up some things around the house for gifts, sang songs and just had a fun time.

Another activity is to have a water balloon fight. Inflate a bunch of balloons and throw them at each other. There are multiple variations on this. You could put the balloons in a blanket and throw them back and forth. You can play badminton with the balloons. The trick is to get wet after all.

Another fun thing would be to go on a scavenger hunt. Find out who can find the weirdest and funniest things in your neighborhood or at a park. You can also roll down a hill. See who can go the straightest or the fastest. Going on a hike together is also fun. We have a tradition where we go on a nickel walk. At each street corner we flip the coin to see which direction we will go. Heads one way and Tails the other way. You never know where you will end up. That is the fun. It is a non-destination fun time together.

You could also go on a bike ride together. This is fun because it does not take a lot of effort just to have fun together. You could also have races. Playing baseball or kick-the-can or hide and seek are fun activities that seem to have gone out of favor.

I think the trick is to just get outside and have some fun away from the electronic devices that seem to trap us in our homes. We are made to be outside. We derive energy from the sun. So lets spend some time outside and enjoy ourselves.

Another article that discusses this can be found at http://www.funnystuffpranks.com/what-us-some-fun-and-funny-stuff-i-can-do-when-im-bored-not-involving-the-computer-or-any-electronics.

I would love to hear of your successes in finding fun things to do this summer.

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Fun with Robots

Posted by admin on March 5th, 2010

For years people have been fascinated with the idea of robots.  The idea that you could get someone to do your job for you or make life a little bit more fun is a great idea.  Many movies and shows have been created around this theme.  On Startrek, Next Generation, Data was the ultimate robot that was sentient.  He was able to think and create on his own.  This of course would be the great ideal but not very likely.  More likely, you would do well if you could create a robot with a computer chip that has some programmed commands within the chip.

What material would you use to create your robot?   This is entirely up to you and what you may have on hand.

You should use your imagination and creativity. You could use wood, metal, small toy motors or even lego’s.

After creating your three dimensional robot and placing a small motor within the robot, you can then finesse the idea. Make it better. If it is a large enough robot, you may even be able to place a programmable computer chip within it.

After you have programmed your robot to go forward, turn, go backwards, you can amaze your friends with what you have done. Another thing it will do is help you to develop your skills in creating different things. If you want to be a programmer, developing a program on a computer chip will enhance your skills. It is best to have a project to work on if you want to use what you have learned. My problem has always been a lack of projects. Creating a robot will help with that problem.

I have found a great online store that provides many different products known as HobbyTron.com. They have small tanks, cars, airsoft guns, etc. One of the fun things they have is robots made from lego’s. You can purchase a ready made robot if you are not necessarily the type of person who can make your own. Take a look at their site which can be found via this link in this article. You will be amazed at what different things they have done with the lego product.

So go to it. Make your own robot and have fun. I would love to hear back from you and your success stories in what you have created. Even a small video of your robot moving around would be great.

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