Sin Mark, a game found online

Posted by admin on February 6th, 2010

Sin Mark is a game found online at and is written by con artist.

The story line of this game is that demons are flowing out of portals placed all over the city. The demons kill everything in their path. The secret to defeating the demons is to destroy runic stones that lay close to the portals that they are coming up out of. The only man that could help the people at this dark time was a man by the name of Akahn. The game now begins and you start to play.

You start off in a field and you use the A and D or the arrow keys to move around. You also use the mouse by clicking and holding the mouse button to shoot. Your goal per level is to destroy all of the portals but before doing this you should collect the funes from the runic stones. The runes are used for spells ranging from fire, earth, storm, bone, chaos and destruction. You use the runes to make different combinations. You are allowed to make twenty different spells useful for defending and attacking. You will also collect trinkets throughout the game. You are given different helpful stats such as faster health and regeneration to be able to get more trinkets faster.

My personal tip for staying alive is to get the health trinket if you don’t get it but get the trinket to get more trinkets faster put that on until you are able to get the health trinket. The game is fun, entertaining and a challenge. It makes for a very fun game. This game reminded me of the game Diablo and Rpg. It has similar music the idea of getting rid of demons and evil things. It also has great graphics and style. I would give this game a rating of 5 out of 5. This is truly a game I liked and I hope you like it also.

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Learn to Fly, a game found online

Posted by admin on February 5th, 2010

This is a review of Learn to Fly, a game which can be found at and is by lightbringer777.

The story is how you are a penguin that hops on his computer to look at an awesome penguin article and finds out that penguins are flightless birds. You set out to prove that the article is wrong. There are 5 levels in the game with each becoming harder as you advance. You get achievement points that slowly allow you to progress. A good way to get the achievement points faster in this game is to follow a few tricks and tips. Step one is that once you have gotten the first glider you should start buying some ramp height acceleration and air resistance.

This will help you out a lot after having a few points then start working towards your rocket and a bigger fuel amount. After this the game is very easy. My personal opinion is that you should buy the second glider. Then you should save up for the most expensive glider. After you reach this level you should get the best rocket booster. This will allow you to accelerate your money gain by a lot.

I would like to give you a tip on your launch technique. After launching into the air you should use half or all of your rocket fuel and go at a 45 degree incline till you slow down.
Then change to decline at a little less angle then flatten out once you almost hit the ground. You should then pull back up to a 25 degree angle and repeat it again. If you still have fuel then make sure to use it once you start to slow down. One aspect of this game is that you can take on the challenge to win the game in the least amount of turns. This is really a fun game and an awesome idea. I would give this game a rating of 3 out of 5.

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Defend-Your-Honor, a game found online

Posted by admin on February 4th, 2010

This is a review of defend-you-honor, a game found online at

Defend is about what it sounds like. You are trying to defend your honor. In the beginning the story line goes on and on about how worthless you are while you are in a bar. Then after a little bit you realize that you are talking to yourself. You see an article that the king is missing his statue. And you can get a big award for finding it. You go up to the castle and talk to the king. The statue is in thee basement. but there are a lot of enemies that you have to fight to get it. The king says he will give up a portion of his kingdom for the one who can get it back for him. So you decide to head down to get it.

We start off on the trek to get it. This game is the basic tower defense game. You build a tower to hold back the enemy from getting to a building. However, in this game there are keys and fake statues. When you start out there are five dogs. One big dog that’s in the middle of the room and the rest are numbered one through four. The hint with the game said you might want to start with the first door. Then you get three more doors so you go into the first door. In the first door is a key. The same is true with the second door. You use the keys to open the three doors. While in the third door you get a fake statue that is used to open the big giant door in the man room and you need four of them.

The game plays like this. You get your main character and use him to defend so that you can get the item in the end. You can upgrade your guy three times. Each time you get double the attack power and it also increases your attack range. Your main character has a magic use that can attack most units. His attack power is not that great. Then you have the dwarf who has a strong attack but it is only effective for short range. You get the dwarf later in the game. This is the same with all the characters. Then you get the witch who does no attack but does increase the attack power of the units around her. Later there is the troll who has great range and attack and the last is a girl that talks to bugs but she can slow down the enemy movements.

Here is a little hint. You get money from killing the enemy but you also get 10% interest on the money that you hold at the end of each round so you should save up as much as you can. In addition all the money that you have left at the end of the level you get to keep to buy more and more men so you want to try and save up as much money as you can. Up grade units only if you need to. You might get hurt once in a while but in the end you will get more money so you can have more men. So good luck and have fun with this game. I know I did.

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Review of Colony, a game found online

Posted by admin on February 3rd, 2010

Colony is a game found online at

If any one remembers the game Starcraft, the game colony reminds me of that game. The game is mostly a story which is kind of weird because you play as both the enemy and the main good guys. The story is about how you check out a base that is not responding to your attempted hails. Then on your sensors you read movement in the base and you decide to send some marines to check out the base. They kill your men so you have to build an army to attack the enemy. You end up playing both sides within the game. That is most of the story but toward the end the rebels realize that their leader is messing with them. In the end you decide to fight back. In the main story there are three factions which are the capitalist which gives you more resources. Every so often then the other faction, the communist, gets the regular amount of money but when they kill a guy they get the money for it. Finally you have the fascist and they get the special when they kill. The special item they get lets you build super units.

The basic building items are an armory that lets you get all three resources which are money, men and energy. The bank gets you money but you can upgrade the bank to earn more money. Then there is the hospital that gives you medic and man units and two supers. With the barracks you get ground units that mostly just cost man power. The air base gives you air units that mostly just seem to use up energy. Another item you can use is the power plant that just gives you energy and you can up its power to give you more energy. The missile base that lets you build missile that just kill but they cost so much resources. Concerning the air and ground bases you can up grade them to give you more units and also additional special units. There are units that just kill man which are the tanks and the helicopter.

There are only four places you can build buildings and the same go with your allies so be wise what you choose to spend your resources on. My advice would be to not build an air and ground base because you won’t get the resources that you need. So good luck and have fun with the game.

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Review of Civilization-Wars, a game found online

Posted by admin on February 1st, 2010

A review of Civilization-Wars, a game found online at

The game Civilization-Wars is about how human wipe themselves out. Humanity then they come back as three races that don’t know about each other. When you start the game you are only able to pick one of the race until you get to the turtle level. Then you can play the other races. The three races don’t have names but one looks like a mix between Egyptians and Aztecs. Another race looks like the Romans. And lastly we have the Chinese. They let you start with the Egyptians first, and then let you learn how to play.

To play the game you start out with a building. You are given a number of men that stay in this building. You click on the building and drag it to an enemy building. Half of the men in the building will come out and attack the enemy. You can use multiple buildings at once so you can send a giant army that can’t die. There are towers that just shoot the enemy but don’t give you any men but if you use the men in the towers they have a higher attack and defense so use them wisely. You can keep sending men into the tower to replace the one you use but the building will only hold so many. And the last building in the game is a corral which just gives your men faster speed. It also gives you crystal.

Crystals are used for spells. Some of the spells are so you can turn some of the enemy men to your team. You can use a hurricane in an area to kill man -which I find so annoying. There is also one that summon minions that attack men and building but I just think they are stupid and don’t do that much.

Also in the game you can get more experience by not using the crystals and other things. Some of these are so many different spells kill a certain amount of men. There are also other uses. With the game each race plays different. From what I found, the Egyptian race is in the middle of all abilities. The Romans attack the men slowly but they have stronger attack and defense. The Chinese have the least attack capabilities but they are the fastest. They also get new men the fastest. There is an extra enemy that you only see towards the end of the game. You can replay each level doing other stuff to get more experience. Each level gives you 5 points to spend. The points are to use for spells, attack, defense, speed, and other assorted things. So enjoy the game and have fun!

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Review of the Online Game This is the Only Level

Posted by admin on January 31st, 2010

Review of the online game This Is The Only Level
Written by john and found at

This game is a very simple game to learn but can be a little challenging to win. You play on just one level and you try to get the elephant across the playing area to hit a button to open a door to get to the next level. This level is the same as the first level with a slightly different twist. The controls to maneuver around the game are simple. They consist of up, done, left or right and you use the mouse for one of the levels.

The levels have different rules to them such as a zero gravity across the entire screen. In going dark the game has 30 levels and takes about 10 minutes to win the game. It is a perfect game for breaks, at work, at school or just a quick one to play at home when you have a few minutes when you want to relax.

There are a few challenges in the game. You can try to die the least amount of times or try to make the fastest time. It adds a very fun challenge to it. You can also challenge your friends to see who can accomplish the game in the fastest time.

This game was very fun and entertaining for me because it added humor with smarts. You have to think of the dorkiest ideas to beat every single level.

The game is one of my favorite online flash games because of the goofy and fun music that plays with the game. It also has creative art and challenging ideas. I’d have to give this game a rating of 5 out of 5. The game kept my interest to where I wanted to finish as quickly as possible. The game is one to show to your friends, family or co-workers after you have won the game yourself. You can then watch their reaction and how they take on the challenge of the game.

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Review of the online game Monster Evolution

Posted by admin on January 31st, 2010

Review of the online game Monster Evolution found at

Monster Evolution is a very fun game to play because of its simple game controls and it is an easy to learn game. There are 3 levels of difficulties which makes the game compatible for most anyone.

The game is fairly simple. You are a monster in a city and your goal is to eat as many people as you can. By eating people you gain evolution points which can be applied towards your next evolutions. There are 3 monsters to begin with and then webbing to 22 more types. There are some monsters that are land and some that are air types. There are 4 different characteristics of each monster. These consist of speed, size, special abilities and what enemy types they can destroy. This game can get funnier once you are able to get the bigger and stronger monsters. Then you can take more people out per swing.

For my personal way of beating the game I went with the character “licky” because of his ability to climb and to get more people faster than the other monsters. You can use fury for the most and quickest points because of his speed and ability to fly. You have to be careful with the monster fury because he does not have much health so you have to play it safe with him. Then you can go on to the monster ghosty but you have to be careful with him for the same reason.

Then try the monster floaty and on to cloudy and after that try my personal favorite the monster peanutor to finish the game with his giant reach and great health.

You will be able to blast through all the enemies with a breeze with this game. I really liked it for its fun art and ideas. I give this game a 4/5 rating. It is a game I hope
you and your friends with enjoy.

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Review of the online game AGE OF WAR

Posted by admin on January 31st, 2010

Review of the online game AGE OF WAR developed by Louissi found at

The age of war is a great game for any age. There are 3 difficulties which are the normal, the hard and the impossible.

The goal of this game is to fight your way through the mobs of enemies defending your base while at about the same time getting your forces to their side.

One of my techniques from the beginning is to build a melle, then a ranged unit while saving up for the fast chicken turrets. You can also use the special when a huge number of enemies come to attack you. When you are able to evolve there are five time stages starting with prehistoric, medieval, crusader era, modern and sci-fi.

Try to get to the next age as quickly as you can. To do so as fast as possible try repeating every time the meele ranges, unit rotation and selling the chicken turrets. You replace them with the flame catapults then continue to the next age upgrading your turrets to explosive cannons. From that point on you can continue buying the best turrets.

The cast evolve in the sci-fi time age. There is a saving up for the four ion rays after that you are pretty much an undefeatable person. The ion ray has a very huge range that hits the base making you able to use a few men to keep the enemy from making it to your
base. You also have the ion ray do all the work of destroying their base. Once you beat this game on normal difficulty then if you are up for a good challenge try the hard and impossible difficulties. For the games great ideas and creativity I would give this game a 4/5 rating.

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The Online Game Sonny

Posted by admin on January 26th, 2010

The game Sonny was created by Krin and is available at

The game starts you off by letting you choose four different types of character stats. These are a destroyer which as a good class will do melee damage but is still able to defend against other attacks, Guardian is good in both magic and melee, assassin having massive melee damage but has the problem with low life and a gunslinger similar to the assassin causing big damage but has low life.

There are also things called ability. These are used to buy new and better spells with the points you earn as you play the game. You get attribute points that you can spend on your three stats which are vitality strength, magic and speed

When the story starts your character name is sonny who was in a tragic accident on a boat that left him dead but now he is back alive as a zombie. Then a person named Louis the blind shows up and asks you to come with him. Then you begin to play the game.

The game style somewhat emulates the final fantasy series with its combat style and inventory.

In the first stage you are on the boat fighting. You are waiting for help when a helicopter comes but it is not filled with friendly passengers. They kill your friend Louis and then attempt to kill you. After the fight you talk with Louis receiving a tape he tells you it will provide you with healing powers.

In the second stage you are placed on the beach. You start to encounter ghost samurai’s and then gain another partner. At the end of the stage you kill a ghost sinsay and move on to your next stage.

The last and final ground is sacred grounds to shamans that want nothing more than to have you out of their land. You defeat the final boss here and then you have won the game.

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The Online Game “Harvey Tublestump, episode 1”

Posted by admin on January 10th, 2010

The Online Game “Harvey Tublestump, episode 1”

This is a review of the game Harvey Tublestump, created by shootermg.  It can be accessed at

This game is very difficult game and will take some gaming skills.  If you are a gaming novice you may not be able to pick up the nuances of how to win.  However, I like a challenge with my games and can appreciate the opportunities provided.  This is a very fun game reminding me of a good old 8-bit game with a character resembling an Indiana Jones character.   You will use 4 buttons in the game.  These are: the X to jump, the C to shoot and the left and right arrows to move forward and backwards.

The game contains only 2 types of monsters.  These are a bat and a rock monster which I found a bit small.   There are a few obstacle stages.  These include getting past the bats, the spikes and the rock monsters.  There are also candles indicating which way to go which comes in real handy many times

There are 3 main goals that you will need to accomplish.  These are to get through all the stages, beat the boss that looks like an evil version of the main character and collecting every coin found throughout the game.  I loved the game for its old school theme and its difficulty.  It was certainly harder than most of the games I have played in this series.

The game does contain checkpoints throughout the game.  If you get past a checkpoint and you end up getting killed, you can start over at the passed checkpoint.  Playing it will require a large amount of patience.  You will begin again many times.  This is similar to many of the games available such as Mario.

I would give this game a 5 start rating due to its difficulty and excitement.

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