Diamond Earrings-simple Ways To Clean Your Earring

Diamond earrings are one of the favourite jewellery of woman and every woman in the world love to invest in diamond earrings as it enhances the beauty of their face and personality.

But you must take proper care of your earrings and to maintain their sparkle and brilliance you must clean your earring once in a month. Always remember that cleaning is not very difficult. And you can ask any jeweller to clean your earring but if you do not want to spend money then you can also clean your earring at home by following few simple steps.

Simple steps to clean your earring:

Take a small cereal bowl or Tupperware dish and fill it with water. Then place the bowl in a microwave for one minute on high temperature.

After the water is boiled add 2-3 drops of household glass cleaner or ammonia in the water. You can also add diamond cleaning solution.

After that place your diamond earring in the solution for 2 minutes or until water has cooled to the touch.

Then very carefully remove your earring from the solution and use a soft toothbrush to remove the dirt, hair spray, lotion or hair gel which is build up on the lower side of your diamond. But you must always keep in mind that you must lift your earring by the post and not the diamond.

After finishing with your cleaning wipe your earring with fresh water for final cleaning and then place it on a dry paper towel for five minutes and allow it to dry.

These are some of the simple and easy ways through which you can clean your diamond earring without spending much of your fortune.


But always remember though the cleaning process is very simple there are few things which you must bear in your mind.

You must never put your diamond earrings in the microwave. It is true that diamonds are the hardest substances on the earth but they are not indestructible. Always remember that if you will heat it on 1000 degree Celsius then it will burn.

Never use a hard toothbrush because it can destroy the prongs of your setting and your stone can fall out.

Always remember that if your diamond has flaws or inclusions then by putting in a hot water your stone can smash. Hence before putting your earring in hot water you mu
st make sure that the diamond which is used in your earring has flaws or not.

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