I am a really funny person. I get laughs like crazy. It’s extraordinary how many people just love to sit around me and listen to the humorous jokes coming out of my lovely mouth. For real, on a daily basis I must have a few people circling around me just cracking up at how funny I am in the way I take everyday happenings and “humorize” them.

And these people inevitably ask me how they too can become as funny as I am. And I always tell them the same thing. I explain that it’s very simple to become humorous, and you always have enough content to play with, as you are going to use regular circumstances and turn them into jokes. Here’s how I do it!

  • Be observant. You have to understand the basics of human life. What are the things we humans do on a daily basis? What are the “staples” of living? You want to begin putting together a list of all the normalities of our lives.
  • Find the “line” of regularity. This means, for each human circumstance we all experience, decide what you think is “normal” in that situation. You must determine what is ordinary and what is not.
  • Humorize odd happenings. Anyime something happens in the human circumstances that doesn’t fit your criteria for “normal” you point it out and exaggerate it. It’s just that simple.

I tell everybody these basics, and I strongly suggest everybody watch and listen to George Carlin a few times. He was fabulous at this. He often spoken about how he had a list of over a thousand “normal” scenarios, and then he would run against them what he sees happen in his daily life to expose their “sillyness” or “stupidity”.

Go ahead put this stuff into play and let me know it all works out for you. Like I said, I am super funny and people love my jokes!

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